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  • concealer XXL - OUT cernes
    4,90 € In Stock

    réf. ANTMC4370

    A concealer in XXL format that will meet all your expectations. OUTcernes conceals dark circles and your imperfections, a fluid formula to highlight your eyes. Liquid concealer available in 4 shades 
  • Foundation 2 in 1 - Cover and Glow up
    5,90 € In Stock

    réf. FDTMC4053

    A 2 in 1 formula: Combination of foundation and concealer for a long-lasting and unified complexion. You can apply it alone or with the compact matte powder (6 identical shades) for a unified and optimal result with zero defects. Its fluid and light texture covers dark circles and imperfections. The Cover and Glow up foundation is available in 6 shades.
  • Face Primer
    4,90 € In Stock

    réf. BASMC4285

    Inescapable(Major) the application of the base(basis) stay the first essential gesture(movement) to prepare the skin for the make-up. Applied only or under the foundation cream, she assures(insures) better one held the make up by protecting the skin of the attacks. The skin is radiant and hydrated.On a perfectly removed make-up skin apply on the face...
    3,90 € In Stock

    réf. CONMC4250

    Extra useful stick to model and sculpt the face by a play of dark and light strokes. To accentuate what we want to illuminate and to shadow what we need to modify.
  • STICK STROBING Illuminateur
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    3,90 € In Stock

    réf. ILLMC4234

    Illuminating stick, very useful, as it allows a direct face application, its creamy texture, easy to apply, iridescent and slightly tinted gold, outlines and brings out the lighted face points. 
    3,90 € In Stock

    réf. CREMC4242

    Ultra luminous enlighter cream to mark and highlight the main face features (upper part of the forehead, nose bridge , cheek bones, cupid’s bow and chin tip) a champagne pearl light and rich texture. 
  • Matte compacte
    5,90 € In Stock

    réf. PCMC4411

    Compact powder with a natural matte finish. Its ultra-fine texture for an even and velvety complexion. The powder comes in modern packaging, with an interior mirror and a sponge. Matchy matchy palette  (6 identical shades to combine) with the 2 in 1 Cover and Glow up foundation for a zero defect skin.
  • Palette Strobing
    5,90 € In Stock

    réf. KITMC4232

    Strobing is a new make-up gesture to enhance all the luminous face features : the upper part of the forehead, the nose bridge , the cheek bones, the cupid’s bow and the chin tip. An essential and indispensable kit which contains 1 cream and 2 illuminating powders with champagne like reflecting shades for a luminous complexion. 
  • CACHE CERNES concealer
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    4,90 € In Stock

    réf. ANTMC4219

    Apply with the brush a touch, Cache Cernes concealer in the eye rings then spread it out to make it disappear.
  • Compact powder
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    4,50 € In Stock

    réf. PCMC4061

    For a makeup without brightness. Applied on a foundation , the ultra-thin and velvety powder will enhance skin natural glow and will matify the makeup. The complexion will look transparently unified. Fox express retouches, use the brush supplied. 
  • Blush
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    3,50 € In Stock

    réf. FAJMC4113

    A soft texture to sculpt the cheekbones and give a healthy glow, for a "pinky cheekbones" effect.
  • Be Highlight - DUO Palette
    1 Review
    4,90 € In Stock

    réf. ILLMC4338

    Bring a luminous finish to your face with our new DUO BeHighlight palette. Use this duo to obtain instantly luminous skin and an ultra-natural result thanks to a fine and pleasant texture. Modular pigments (use the powders alone or by mixing them) for a customizable rendering.
  • HYALURO Foundation
    6,90 € In Stock

    réf. FDTMC4255

    Hyaluro foundation enriched with hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is recognized for its smoothing and anti-aging properties for a perfect and even complexion. The skin is younger and more radiant. The foundation is available in 10 shades from very light to matte.
  • Blush Vibration Lumière
    1 Review
    4,50 € In Stock

    réf. FAJMC4291

    A soft and pigmented texture rich in mother-of-pearl to sculpture and illuminate.
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