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  • CACHE CERNES concealer
    Apply with the brush a touch, Cache Cernes concealer in the eye rings then spread it out to make it disappear.
    Concealer MAKE UP PRO :  . Eye circles concealer . Red spots concealer . Fatigue signs disappear as it illuminates the face. A cream texture that adapts itself to all kind of imperfections, 4 shades to play with to obtain a perfect and natural shade.
    Conceals dark under-eye circles and imperfections by neutralizing them with a complementary color.
  • Eyes primer
    This iridescent eyelid primer covers the eyelid with a sheer luminous veil while fixing the eyeshadow for an all day long wear. Ideal to light up : add a touch in the inner corner of the eyelid, right under the arch.
  • Face Primer MAT
    Essential to matify and unify combination skin in fat which tend to shine. A formula rich in silicone conceived(designed) to absorb so and mask the imperfections of the skin, and improve the holding(dress) of the make-up. The skin is matified and smooths.
  • Glow Primer
    Ideal to illuminate the face and bring some freshness and some brightness to the complexion. She can be applied to all the face or to the points static as the top of cheekbones, stops him of the nose and the bow of cupidon.
    Une palette composée de 2 poudres correctrices (claire et foncée) pour corriger et structurer le visage. 3 poudres illuminatrices pour une mine fraîche en toutes cironstances. Appliquée en fards à paupières pour un maquillage naturel et  lumineux. Une poudre pour des retouches expresses toute la journeé.
    Extra useful stick to model and sculpt the face by a play of dark and light strokes. To accentuate what we want to illuminate and to shadow what we need to modify.
    Extra useful stick to model and sculpt the face by a play of dark and light strokes. To accentuate what we want to illuminate and to shadow what we need to modify.
    Ultra luminous enlighter cream to mark and highlight the main face features (upper part of the forehead, nose bridge , cheek bones, cupid’s bow and chin tip) a champagne pearl light and rich texture. 
  • Blush
    A soft texture to sculpt the cheekbones and give a healthy glow, for a "pinky cheekbones" effect.
  • Blush Infusion
    Trio blusher for a flexible result, he associates three tints in one and the same product, to use separately or to mix to obtain various effects of material. Compositions of well-matched colors to satisfy all the skin types.
  • Blush Vibration Lumière
    A soft and pigmented texture rich in mother-of-pearl to sculpture and illuminate.
  • Illuminating HD Foundation
    A foundation offering a light and fluid texture for a thin application without matter effect, hiding all imperfections and enhancing a soft and bright complexion.
    MAKE-UP SETTING SPRAY A spray very easy to use & essential. Fixes make-up to ensure better hold, invisible and non-sticky
  • STICK STROBING Illuminateur
    Illuminating stick, very useful, as it allows a direct face application, its creamy texture, easy to apply, iridescent and slightly tinted gold, outlines and brings out the lighted face points. 
  • Palette Strobing
    Strobing is a new make-up gesture to enhance all the luminous face features : the upper part of the forehead, the nose bridge , the cheek bones, the cupid’s bow and the chin tip. An essential and indispensable kit which contains 1 cream and 2 illuminating powders with champagne like reflecting shades for a luminous complexion. 
    Creamy and sensual texture for a refined and captivating effect.
  • Compact powder
    For a makeup without brightness. Applied on a foundation , the ultra-thin and velvety powder will enhance skin natural glow and will matify the makeup. The complexion will look transparently unified. Fox express retouches, use the brush supplied. 
  • MAT & FIX Powder
    Eliminates shine, while leaving skin with a light, ultra-fine matte finish. Includes integrated mirror and sponge applicator! Mat & Fix Powder is perfect for quick and easy touch-ups. ALL SKIN TYPES.
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