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  • Lipstick felt PERFECT COLOR
    6 Reviews
    4,90 € In Stock

    réf. RALMC3115N

    VEGAN FELTSLipstain in vibrant colors for long lasting colored lips, easily applicable thanks to its thick and slightly beveled tip for well draw the outline of the lips. Color, long lasting efficiency for a glamorous result, unretouched! Tip: For a long-lasting lip gloss effect apply a gloss.
  • PERFECT LINER Lipliner felt
    4 Reviews
    4,50 € In Stock

    réf. FELMC3074N

    VEGAN FELTSAn ultra fine and rigid felt point to draw a flawless contour. A moisturizing and long lasting formula which will keep the lipliner from smearing
    2 Reviews
    1,95 € In Stock

    réf. CRLMC4164

    5 intense colors to underline precisely or change the lip contour shape for perfectly drawn lips An highly pigmented and soft formula easy to apply for an  accurate lining.
  • Two tone lipstick
    3,90 € Product available with different options

    réf. RALMC4284

    Product available with different options
    A combination of colors, two tints to be used either only, or by mixing them for a sophisticated finity and an optical illusion of volume.
  • Lipsticks
    3 Reviews
    3,90 € In Stock

    réf. RALMC4161

    22 mat and shiny trendy lipsticks to vibrate with colourDue to its unique soft and confortable  texture,The lips remain  soft and shiny for hours
    1 Review
    3,90 € In Stock

    réf. RALMC4236

    A collection of 13 mat lipsticks highly pigmented to delicately color lips without leaving a texture feel covering the lips.
  • Mat Kiss
    4 Reviews
    3,90 € In Stock

    réf. RALMC4283

    A soft and creamy texture for intense lips in the matt finity. His formulation confers him a sensation of pleasant and comfortable lightness.
    3,90 € In Stock

    réf. BALMC4346

    3,90 € In Stock

    réf. GOMLEMC4350

  • Glossie Brillant à levres
    1 Review
    3,90 € In Stock

    réf. BALMC4347

  • Eau micellaire 500 ml
    3,90 € In Stock

    réf. MICMC3301

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