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  • Backstage studio make up kit
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    34,90 € In Stock

    réf. COFMC4617

    Sandra Marciano, Make up artist of the brand Miss Cop for more than 15 years, has created the Backstage studio palette, resulting from her experience as a professional make-up artist. This palette will offer you a wide choice of soft and trendy colors, a concentration rich in pigments for the realization of any make-up, from the most natural to the most...
  • Beauty After Calendar
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    9,90 € Out of stock

    réf. KITMC4343

    Out of stock
    Beauty after calendar! 6 products / 6 additional days to wait until the new year. WHEN THERE’S NONE LEFT, THERE’S STILL SOME MORE!1 black mascara, 1 blush, 1 black eye pencil, 1 red lipstick, 1 trio eyeshadow, 1 lipgloss.
  • Box Miss Cop x Lily Von E
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    62,00 € In Stock

    réf. BOX LILY VON E

  • Masked Beauty
    9,90 € In Stock

    réf. COFMC4337

    A makeup kit especially designed to enhance and highlight the eyes if you will be wearing a mask. The eyebrow is the centerplace of the face, rework the line if necessary and redensify to fill in the gaps if necessary. For a doe look, put the eyeliner at the outer coner of the eyes. Itensify the look with black pencil, placed inside the eye and do not...
    4,90 € In Stock

    réf. COFMC4335

    24 eyeshadows, 1 mirror, 1 double brush application and blender
  • SHOW OFF 2
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    6,90 € In Stock

    réf. COFMC4319

    SHOW OFF 2 SHADES Precious melting texture to be used in all circumstances. 4 ultrapigmented eyeshadows to make the eyes vibrate 2 unctuous creamy eyeshadows & 2 glittery metallic eyeshadows to be applied on the eyelid or on the bottom eyelashes.
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    4,90 € In Stock

    réf. COFMC4326

    A 9-colors eyeshadow kit highly pigmented, unique and exclusive created to enhance the eyes of blond hair. Nothing better than taupe color and coppered shades to illuminate the look.
    4,90 € In Stock

    réf. COFMC4326

    A 9-colors eyeshadow kit highly pigmented, unique and exclusive created to enhance the beauty of brunettes! Warm and golden shades to sublimate and make the eyes sparkle. Browns do not count for plums.
    4,90 € In Stock

    réf. COFMC4326

    A 9-colors eyeshadow kit highly pigmented, unique and exclusive created to enhance the beauty of red hair. Cold colors as olive khaki and cinnamon to highlight the color of the iris.
    4,90 € In Stock

    réf. COFMC4326

    A 9-colors eyeshadow kit highly pigmented, unique and exclusive created to enhance the beauty of gray hair. Cool and soft colors to enhance the look.
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    5,90 € In Stock

    réf. COFMC4294

    A palette composed of 2 correcting powders (light and dark) to correct and structure the face. 3 illuminating powders for a fresh complexion in all circumstances. Applied in eye shadow for a natural makeup and luminous. A powder for quick touch-ups all day.
  • Palette Strobing
    5,90 € In Stock

    réf. KITMC4232

    Strobing is a new make-up gesture to enhance all the luminous face features : the upper part of the forehead, the nose bridge , the cheek bones, the cupid’s bow and the chin tip. An essential and indispensable kit which contains 1 cream and 2 illuminating powders with champagne like reflecting shades for a luminous complexion. 
    7,90 € In Stock

    réf. COFMC4322

    A must for a professional makeup ! Miss cop has designed a collection of makeup palettes with soft and trendy colors ; A rich concentration of pigments to realize of all sorts of makeup, from the most natural to the most sophisticated. A 6 creamy pigmented shades palet te to performall kinds of artistic makeup.
  • Rayonnante make up kit
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    5,90 € In Stock

    réf. COFMC4341

    The new Rayonnante eyeshadow palette, with 15 shades, will sublimate your eyes according to your wishes. Vibrant, ultra-pigmented colors, suitable for everyday eye makeup as well as for special occasions. Practical size, to take with you everywhere.
  • Amoureuse make up kit
    12,90 € In Stock

    réf. COFMC4339

    The new Amoureuse Eyeshadow Palette with 25 shades, will sublimate your eyes according to your wishes. Colors with warm ultra-pigmented tones, powdery textures ranging from mat to satin through metallic and iridescent. Find the make up advices of Sandra Marciano, the Make up Artist on the back of the box.
  • Be Highlight - DUO Palette
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    4,90 € In Stock

    réf. ILLMC4338

    Bring a luminous finish to your face with our new DUO BeHighlight palette. Use this duo to obtain instantly luminous skin and an ultra-natural result thanks to a fine and pleasant texture. Modular pigments (use the powders alone or by mixing them) for a customizable rendering.
  • HYALURO Foundation
    6,90 € In Stock

    réf. FDTMC4255

    Hyaluro foundation enriched with hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is recognized for its smoothing and anti-aging properties for a perfect and even complexion. The skin is younger and more radiant. The foundation is available in 10 shades from very light to matte.
  • concealer XXL - OUT cernes
    4,90 € In Stock

    réf. ANTMC4370

    A concealer in XXL format that will meet all your expectations. OUTcernes conceals dark circles and your imperfections, a fluid formula to highlight your eyes. Liquid concealer available in 4 shades 
  • Foundation 2 in 1 - Cover and Glow up
    5,90 € In Stock

    réf. FDTMC4053

    A 2 in 1 formula: Combination of foundation and concealer for a long-lasting and unified complexion. You can apply it alone or with the compact matte powder (6 identical shades) for a unified and optimal result with zero defects. Its fluid and light texture covers dark circles and imperfections. The Cover and Glow up foundation is available in 6 shades.
  • Matte compacte
    5,90 € In Stock

    réf. PCMC4411

    Compact powder with a natural matte finish. Its ultra-fine texture for an even and velvety complexion. The powder comes in modern packaging, with an interior mirror and a sponge. Matchy matchy palette  (6 identical shades to combine) with the 2 in 1 Cover and Glow up foundation for a zero defect skin.
  • Mascara Lash Extension - ARGAN OIL
    4,90 € In Stock

    réf. MASMC3290

    The Black Lash Extension mascara with Argan oil gives you an intense look while nourishing lashes. Its formula with Argan oil enriched with fatty acids (Omega 6 and 9) and vitamin E promotes eyelash growth. Argan oil also has fortifying properties.  
  • Mascara Lash Extension - CASTOR OIL
    1 Review
    4,90 € In Stock

    réf. MASMC3291

    Black Lash Extension Mascara with Castor Oil gives you an intense look while promoting lash growth and resistance. Rich in omega 6 and 9, castor oil makes eyelashes stronger and denser while providing them with shine. 
  • Palette Nature
    14,90 € In Stock

    réf. COFNAMC4354

  • Palette JUNGLE
    12,90 € In Stock

    réf. COFMC4355

  • Palette RAYONNANTE 2
    5,90 € In Stock

    réf. COFMC4351

    9,90 € In Stock

    réf. COFMC4356

  • Coffret ALL IN ONE
    19,90 € In Stock

    réf. COFMC4619

  • Kit Silver Eyes
    9,90 € In Stock

    réf. COFMC4353

    39,90 € In Stock

    réf. COFMC4618

    24,90 € In Stock

    réf. COFMC4349

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