The brand Miss Cop

« To get a beautiful makeup is an asset of timeless seduction which will give you a feeling of strength and conquest »

                                                                                                                        Sandra Marciano

Sandra Marciano’s passion for makeup has its origins very far, probably in his childhood, in his passion for painting, drawings and colors.

This passion will never falter until she decides to make it her job to master makeup techniques.

She will perfect her skills thanks to her unrestrained experiences on television, cinema and fashion shows; because you have to be reactive, immediately detect the light, study facial features, with a requirement of immediacy in the success of the make-up that will allow the artists to shine.

She had to face the budgetary constraints of production companies making quality beauty products inaccessible because of their high price.

She bought whatever could replace them, with more or less success.
It was finally when she met her husband, who worked in the distribution of cosmetic products, that she decided to create her own make-up brand, born of her experience of the best products, with the aim of create a range of products accessible to all consumers.

Her idea was also to provide her expertise and give the opportunity to all women to be able to make up like professionals.
This is how in 2005 the MISS COP brand was born, developed by the best manufacturers in the world.
MISS COP is the symbiosis of "MISS", the French word for woman, whatever her age, and "COPine", the French word for Friends, because we only share tips and secrets with our friends ...

15 years later, MISS COP has created more than 5,000 color references and 50 million products sold worldwide. For a simple reason that Sandra explains as follows:

« Most of the professional makeup artists who created their brand have prohibitive prices for consumers with small budget and hundreds of millions of them want to makeup by trusting the expertise of a professional. I just created Miss Cop for them and I'm proud to receive so many positive comments on colors, textures, tips, advice and prices. ».

Today Sandra continues to make up on television sets because she always wants to stay closer to the concerns of women and trends. She is also responsible for controlling and creating all the collections of the brand, in collaboration with the graphic designers, the marketing / communication manager and the community manager.

She continues to deliver more and more products born from its expertise and which have inspired several major brands.

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