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    • Lotion Purifiante Anti-Imperfections
      4,50 € In Stock

      réf. 17320

      Anti-Imperfections Purifying Lotion was specially designed to take care of skin in crisis. It clarifies the complexion day after day and refines the skin texture with its formula rich in astringent ingredients. Used daily, it reduces shine and imperfections. Pink Grapefruit extract has purifying properties which gently eliminate impurities and reduce the...
    • 2 en 1 Nettoyant/Masque Anti-Imperfections
      4,50 € In Stock

      réf. 17323

      Pollution, an imbalanced diet, stress or even fatigue are all factors which can cause imperfections to appear on the face. The Anti-Imperfections 2 in 1 Cleanser/Mask gently eliminates impurities and helps to reduce the appearance of "minor flaws" on the skin. This 2 in 1 care is designed especially for skin prone to imperfections. Its formula enriched...
    • Anti-Imperfections Mattifying Skin Care
      5,90 € In Stock

      réf. 17321

      This treatment helps to control and reduce imperfections in combination to oily skin. An ideal gesture to adopt to help skin with imperfections regain a smooth and matte appearance. Its formula combines the purifying virtues of Pink Grapefruit extract, which intensely purifies the skin, and the astringent properties of Zinc. The Anti-Imperfections...
    Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

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