Work the complexion with the brush while transparent with the HD foundation. The application is done in small strokes from the inside by stretching the material outwards.

The compact powder applied with a large brush over the entire face brings mattness and hold to makeup. Coral blush 03 placed delicately on the crown of the cheekbone for freshness and a healthy glow. In order to sculpt and dig, a touch of light blush will be applied to the level of the malar bone just in the hollow.

(Tip for applying a blush: stand in front of the mirror and hollow out your cheeks exaggeratedly)


Apply a primer all over the eyelid for easier application and improved hold.

For a quick and effective smoky eyes, use the color trio 17. The gray is laid flat over the entire eyelid and stretched outwards. Also work the material at the bottom of the lower lashes. Place a touch of black on the outside of the eye, at the inner corner, then gently degrade it.

A line of kohl pencil inside the eye for a mysterious and deep look.

Apply mascara and multiply layers for a wide angle look. We do not hesitate to overdose.


The lips should be perfectly hydrated with a balm. If necessary, perform a light scrub to remove all dead skin. Draw the outline with a tone-on-tone pencil and degrade the color to avoid any demarcation. Using a brush, apply a first coat of Lipstick 12-Rouge, absorb with a tissue then apply a new coat. For a matte red mouth, powder the lips.


To complete the look, PopNails 12-Rouge Fatal nail polish.