APPLICATION OF THE PENCIL: instructions for use

To do :

Cut the lead well. It is important to hold the eyelid firmly with one finger before sliding the lead along the eyelid closest to the lashes, so that the pigments adhere better. On the lower eyelid, draw a rather thick line at the level of the eyelashes towards the outer corner of the "v" in order to recover the upper line. The look is deep enlarged and sublimated.


A clean and straight line for a very graphic eye.

On the eyelid, stay close to the fringe of the eyelashes, especially not thicken the rounded line. Outside the eye, extend it horizontally.


Using the powder puff, take a little loose powder, then gently tap the midline (the T zone: forehead, nose, and chin).

Without using any powder again, pat the cheeks and cheekbones, working from the inside out.

For a better application of the eyeshadows it is important to powder the eyelids well by smoothing it beforehand.

The pencil gives a particular, soft and intense look, it highlights the iris.

Its texture is specially adapted to the inner edge of the eye, the mention kohl or kajal must be mentioned.